We believe in building our communities, helping those in need and giving back.

We follow the 1-1-1 model pioneered by Salesforce by donating 1% time, 1% product, and 1% equity back into the local and global community. We plan to increase this percentage as we grow.

Community Volunteering

We spend time in our community and work with disadvantaged youth through various non-profit organizations. We bet on young people who will drive the future of humanity and advocate for quality education for all.

Three Borders – An International Initiative

We launched a project called Three Borders. Its goal is to promote digital literacy and help disadvantaged youth in Africa access education and resources they need to participate and thrive in the global economy by facilitating:


Access to Education


Access to Educational Resources


Access to educational tools such as books, computer hardware and software.

How does it work


Direct Impact

Every year, we select three social impact organizations operating primarily in Africa whose mission aligns with our mission of facilitating digital literacy in Africa. We partner with them, and donate 1% of our resources to the selected organizations. They in turn provide reports and data that allow us to access the impact of our efforts. Our initiative goes beyond donations. We also advise our partners, help them build digital infrastructures where needed, and directly work with the youth in these organizations.

We work directly with vetted organizations in the field to ensure that our collective resources are being used efficiently to change lives for the better. We stay accountable to those who choose to help us with out efforts by publishing data about our collective impact.

Working with Social Impact Organizations

We believe in community and helping those using their talents to stand for justice, and advance the common good. We design, build and integrate digital solutions for social change. Whether you are a non-governmental organization, non-profit, charity, sustainability, climate focus, health or educational organizations, let’s work together.

Featured Community Projects

Community Initiatives

We are currently helping organizations impacted by Covid.

We know that many organizations have been impacted by Covid-19 in many different ways. If you are one of them, we want to help you however we can.  If you have a team with 1-10 people and can benefit from some of the services we provide, reach out to us.

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